Matched Betting in 2018

Are you looking to earn some extra money online in 2018? If so, matched betting could be the answer. It’s recognised as the most effective way of earning money online.

In its most basic form, matched betting is about taking advantage of the free bet offers that bookmakers give out. Every bet you place, whether that’s the qualifying bet needed to unlock the offer or the free bet off itself, is matched by an equal bet on the opposite outcome of the event. So, for example:

Bet A = a back bet with the bookmaker, for Manchester United to win.
Bet B = a lay bet at a betting exchange, for Manchester United not to win.

Regardless of the outcome of the event, one of those bets will win – and your winnings cancels out any losses on the other bet. The only money you lose is if you have a difference between the back and lay odds (this is why you need to use a matched betting service such as Profit Accumulator, their software helps find the closest matches.) and the commission you pay on winning bets.

The value comes when you use the process above on the free bet offers that bookmakers give out. They will debit your account with, for example, a £10 free bet when you sign up – you then use the matching process to unlock the value of the free bet. Generally speaking, you can unlock around 80% of the value of the free bet. So for a £10 free bet, you would get £8, when as mentioned above, the difference in odds is calculated and the commission is paid. This may not sound a lot, but there are over 60 bookmakers in the UK and they are all regularly giving out free bets, both to new and existing customers.

Is Matched Betting Still Profitable in 2018?

In short, yes. There will always be free bet offers available, and these free bet offers mean you can make money with matched betting. Bookmakers are all essentially offering the same product as the odds are very similar. The only way they can distinguish between themselves is their brand, extra product features, and marketing. The main type of marketing that bookmakers do is free bets.

There will always be people that say matched betting is not as profitable as it used to be, and that may be true, but no-one can say that it is now not profitable. It is essentially free money after all. Maybe a few years ago you used to be able to make a few thousand a month with very little effort, the difference nowadays is that the type of offers are different (not as easy to take advantage of), so the opportunity I still there, you just need to be a bit smarter about it.

Threats to Matched Betting in 2018

If you have been keeping an eye on the news recently you will have seen some articles about new CMA regulations that have come in recently, which relate to the gambling industry.

The UK Gambling Commission has said that bookmaker offers need to follow normal consumer legislation more closely. The main point they were trying to make is that many of the promotions have terms and conditions that are too confusing and the process needs to be made simpler. They were specifically looking into wagering requirements and how punters have to complete multiple bets before being able to withdraw their funds.

Since this announcement and subsequent legislative changes, a number of bookies have already altered their marketing promotions. Ladbrokes, William Hill, Titan, Vernons, and Winner are the major bookies to have already made such changes.

Will the CMA regulations impact how much money I can earn?

The investigation’s findings have only recently been published (March 2018), so it’s too soon to say. Some people think that they will restrict the value of offers, some people think that nothing will change. Only time will tell.

What I would say is that this is not a reason to not start matched betting. As mentioned previously, bookmakers will always have free bet offers to attract new customers, it’s my opinion that this will never change. What might change is the types of recurring free bets that bookmakers give (also known as reload offers).

Things like price boosts, #RequestABet and ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ are new types of promotions that bookies are starting to introduce to their marketing activities.

Regardless of what the type of offer is – as long as there is a lay market available at a betting exchange, you can still use the matched betting process to make a profit.

Reasons to Be Cheerful

Let’s not forget, that if you want to earn money at home on your computer, matched betting is still the best way of doing that. Surveys, secret shoppers, and cashback sites are ok, but none of them match the earning potential of matched betting. It really is unrivaled in that respect.

Another big reason to be cheerful (and a great reason to start matched betting today!) is that the World Cup is coming up. In previous years, the World Cup has given us loads of really great bookie offers. Any event where there’s a noticeable increase in betting activity, the bookies can justify putting more of their marketing budget towards free bet offers – and the World Cup is a great example of that.

Matched Betting 2018 – Conclusion

In conclusion, it is definitely still worth starting matched betting in 2018. It’s still recognised as the most effective way of making money online. Compared to the other methods, it might not be the easiest to get your head around, but if you invest the time to learn it can be very profitable.

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