Matched Betting

Matched betting provides risk and tax-free profits from online bookmakers. It is an opportunity to play the system, legally! In your first month matched betting you can expect to earn £1,000 or more, and including time researching the techniques, it should only take a few hours in total.

That’s an hourly rate fit for the most skilled worker, and whilst matched betting takes a bit of research before you will feel comfortable with it and it’s techniques, there really is no real skill involved, and there’s certainly no luck!

At this point, for many, skepticism will set in and that’s completely fair. Separating matched betting from gambling isn’t easy for everyone and the money-to-time ratio makes it seem like it should be almost impossible, but the truth is, it’s not, it’s done by thousands of people every day and if done correctly, there really is no risk involved.

Thousands of people in the UK are making over £1,000 a month risk-free simply from exploiting bookmaker offers and free bets. It sounds too good to be true, we thought so too! But it really does work.

You are simply converting something given to you for free as a promotion into real money. It’s almost like buying a product you don’t need with a bundled free gift, selling both, and making your initial money back on the product, as well as the worth of that bundled free gift.

Now you wouldn’t turn that down if the opportunity presented itself on a regular basis!

Unfortunately, you can’t really do that in the high-street, but ever since high-street bookmakers migrated online, you can follow the same logic to ‘extract’ real money from free bets given to you as promotional gifts.

As profitable businesses, bookmaker firms multiplied and customers became divided on who to use, and the need for competition between firms set in with different firms offering different incentives to get punters on their side.

These gave gamblers short-term edges, something bookies could afford to give to attract support from customers.

They hoped most customers would continue to bet long after their free bets had been used up until the bookies were in profit long-term.

But people asked, how can we use free bets to profit in the short-term if we’re not interested in gambling long-term?

Enter matched betting! It’s 100% legal, bookies have long been aware of it but the competition is simply too important to them so the offers keep on coming, and as long as they do, we can be the ones walking away with the profit, and because the money is still earned through gambling according to UK law, it is 100% tax-free.

Next Steps?

Well, if you’d like to learn more about Matched Betting, take a read of our more detailed guide:
What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting Explained

When we matched bet, we place two bets which ‘match’ up by betting for and against an outcome. If it wins, we win, if it loses, we win. Obviously, the profits here match up too – and we walk away with what we started with. That’s a matched bet, but it’s pointless without the bookies offers. These mean that through your matched bets, you walk away with profit. This is because you’re betting essentially with the bookies money! They’re giving you that free gift as promo, you just use it to place a matched bet and walk away with the profit when the event finishes and your bets are settled.

Matched betting today has developed tremendously. We now have many services such as OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator and MatchedBets offering platforms which assist matched betters with a number of tools.

Matched betting has featured on MoneySavingExpert and with articles in The Guardian and The Telegraph, its reputability as a way of making money is not in question so get involved and take advantage of the bookies with thousands of other matched betters.

Quick Matched Betting Round-Up

  • It’s a risk and tax-free form of betting that takes advantage of ‘free’ bets and sign-up offers.
  • Uses simple maths and statistics to guarantee you profit regardless of the result.
  • A few hours a week can net you £500 a month.
  • Profits up to £2000 from start-up offers alone and dedicated matched betters can make £1000 – £2000 monthly from reload offers.
  • Some offers are easily used to matched bet – some bookies give you up to £25 totally free when you sign-up and deposit as little as £10.
  • 100% legal and doesn’t take long with no time commitments you can’t choose yourself.
  • Online products such as OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator, and MatchedBets provide extensive training, help you find matches for your bets, tell you what the current offers are and provide handy tools and calculators.
  • Large community on hand for reference, research, and discussion.