Top 5 Matched Betting Tools

With the volume of mainstream media coverage in the last few years, it’s no surprise that more people than ever are visiting matched betting sites and starting to use bookie’s offers to make money. It’s impossible to keep secrets from them at the best of times but when newspapers like The Guardian and The Telegraph start discussing matched betting, you can guarantee they’ll be keeping a close watch on how their bonuses are used. In 2017, the biggest challenge matched bettors face is not getting their accounts banned or limited. Before you begin, then, it will pay to be prepared. Many matched betters make money quickly but many also can’t continue past a certain point. Plan to succeed and plan to take money from the bookies in the long term! Here’s 5 matched betting tools to help you plan your attack and avoid being one of the one’s left behind.

1) Matched Betting Services

In the past few years, experienced matched bettors have started to put together services which teach you the process and organise the tasks required for you to start profiting from free bets. There’s a number of these reviewed here on this site and they all help you with the same things. As well as getting access to a wealth of well put together information, you get access to betting tools that search for close match odds for you and for odds for specific offers. You’ll save so much time. It’s impossible not to recommend joining a matched betting service, such as OddsMonkey.

2) Download a Free Guide

The risk-free betting site ‘Ucantlose’ has been around since the start and offer a free guide that’s easy to follow and comprehensive. It shows you examples on how to matched bet and on how to arb. It’s available as a PDF for offline use. Printing it out so it can be used anytime for reference is a good idea. Understanding arbing is also a very important part of matched betting if you want to start off on the best foot possible. Click here for the PDF.

3) Guides on How to Avoid Restriction

Getting restricted is the biggest reason why people have to stop matched betting. Those who prepare against this will go on to make the most money for the longest. The bookies are extremely hot on matched bettors and now, in 2017, staying under the radar is harder than ever. Remember the worst that can happen is getting banned, though! It’s not hard to start off matched betting in a way that’ll protect you against getting limited.The most up to date guide on this as of 23/05/2017 is here

4) Matched Betting Calculator

Calculators are our partner in matched betting and you’ll be using one all the time, but forget having to do large numbers sums on a Casio as there’s so many out there which are purpose built for the job. If you join a matched betting service then there will invariably be a calculator included. OddsMonkey’s is available for free. Click here for the free calculator

5) Free Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet for your matched betting information will need to be fairly complex in order for it to be accurate and useful. It’s just all the little things – commission, slightly different offer types, etc, that make it quite hard to construct. You can download templates, though, which take that legwork out. Plug in your numbers and they’re good to go. Click here for the spreadsheet