Matched Bets Review 2018

If you’re thinking of joining we have put together a 100% honest Matched Bets review to help you make your decision.

There are many matched betting assistants and software programs aimed at new and experienced matched bettors to make their matched betting experience simpler and easier. OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator lead the market but smaller services are now too on the rise, throwing their hat into the ring with slightly different takes on the same features, fresh UIs and innovative additions.

Matched Bets is one such new service, the main benefit they claim vs the main two is that they’re cheaper at £18 a month or £99 a year. It’s the cheapest of the well used and reputable matched betting sites.

Matched Bets is run by someone who had 20 years experience with his own chain of independent bookmakers, he sold them to Coral eventually whilst running the website which compiled lists of free bets for punters and matched bettors alike. With experience, financial clout and in-depth knowledge of betting and bookmaking, Matched Bets was created as a real alternative to the sites that currently dominate the market. The owner has high hopes for the site and it is growing rapidly whilst adding exciting new features.

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Matched Bets Members Area

If you have absolutely no knowledge about betting then Matched Bets’ introduction upon signing up is amazing. You’re first taken to a video which sums up basic concepts, then you’ll be shown written examples and instructions on how to matched bet and finally, you’ll be taken to your first offer which will be displayed alongside its own personal video and written explanation. This tutorial section is a great assistance to any newbie. It’s clearer than other matched betting sites, too.

The tutorial section takes about 20 – 30 minutes to complete, you can, of course, skip it if you want to.

After that, the site remains chronological, in that instead of displaying all the features immediately, you’re instead shown 3 of the easiest, lowest value offers to complete. These don’t take long to complete and are targeted to help you build up your betting bank gradually. Each is complete with personalised instructions.

Matched Bets Dashboard

The main dashboard contains all the expected menus – lists of offers, reload offers and a calculator. Its unique offering is a bet tracker. This tracks your matched bets and tots up your profits for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. Every time you use the calculator to work out a matched bet, you can put it in the tracker as either an ‘open’ or ‘completed’ bet. This compiles it into a continuous list so you can easily view your progress. A great feature!
Matched Bets provides offers to you based on your current status. It’s selective and efficient, taking the overwhelming choice of bookies and offers partly out of the equation. This makes it easier to work through everything chronologically.

Overall, you find:
54 welcome offers – worth £1,064.50.
Nearly 70 reload offers.

All of these are compiled into lists but are also offered to you based on your bet history and current profits. It’s an efficient system – the most relevant and effective offers are obvious and you need not trawl lists to locate them.

The UI looks really good. It’s a bit more colourful than many matched betting sites but isn’t cluttered or excessive. Best of all, it’s entirely optimised for mobile usage as well as normal desktop usage, so you can matched bet on the go with the assistance of MatchedBets.

Matched Bets Accumulator Tool

Accumulator tools aren’t new to matched betting sites. They help you take advantage of numerous accumulator offers offered by bookies like money back if one leg loses, etc. There are many ways to extract profit from these and the lists on some matched betting sites can be a bit exhausting. Matched Bets’ list differs in that it only displays accas that comply to the bookies t&cs. This means it displays fewer accas, but the ones displayed are more relevant and effective.

There are four main methods to profit from accas; laying each leg one-by-one (lay sequentially), laying all of the matches at the start of the events (lay at the start), to make a guaranteed profit per accumulator (lock in) and a higher-risk ‘no lay’ option.

It will show you the accas for different methods in the same place – allowing you to quickly target the highest value from any method. You can, of course, filter them too if you want to.

The acca tool is completely mobile friendly too.

Matched Bets Casino and Bingo Offers

Matched betting extends to casino and bingo too. The same principles apply – a bookie gives you free cash as a promo and you can use that to make a profit without touching your own qualifying deposit. Casino and bingo offers can be lucrative, as you can win big! Matched Bets target those which are the lowest risk, which is great for those wanting to make a bit extra on the side of their main matched bets. Some casino offer extraction methods pose small risks and these aren’t for everybody. These aren’t targeted by Matched Bets’ system.

Matched Bets Support

There are links to the forum to discuss any offer, they’re displayed in the instructions list for each offer. The forum is active but was quiet for a long time. It now has some liveliness to it and there are not too many threads to overwhelm you.

The unique support offering of Matched Bets, however, is its live chat function. No other matched betting site offers this. The round-the-clock 1-to-1 support is great and you can get help about any betting or technical issue. Maybe this is why the forums are quieter – everything is made so simple from the start!

Matched Bets Review – Conclusion

Matched Bets is very good. It isn’t as comprehensive or advanced as OddsMonkey but the room for expansion is there and the developers have extras in the pipeline. From a practical perspective, many simply don’t need OddsMonkey’s advanced features anyway and Matched Bets’ effectiveness at targeting offers chronologically and efficiently will be of greater assistance to many. The Bet Tracker is fantastic, there’s no need to faff around with spreadsheets and no risk you’ll get confused by your figures. Plug-in the numbers, hit a button and trust Matched Bets to do the rest by calculating your profits as on-the-go. Support’s live chat is another unique offering that brings it in line with many modern sites which have agents on hand to support you instantly. Lastly, the site is mobile optimised and runs very well on phones. That’s a big offering which MatchedBets’ competitors can’t claim.

Like the sound of our Matched Bets review? If you’re looking for a matched betting site that is cheap and easy to use as a beginner then Matched Bets may hold the aces. Sign up for your free trial here.

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