Profit Accumulator Review

If you’re thinking of joining Profit Accumulator we have put together a 100% honest Profit Accumulator review to help you make your decision.

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and matched betting veteran Sam Stoffel, Profit Accumulator quickly rose to the fore as a lively community and matched betting hub that catered for thousands of newcomers and pre-existing matched betters.

Sam’s customer support made Profit Accumulator a very friendly service as you could basically always contact him personally, and he was very happy to help with any enquiries in and out of matched betting.

Originally with a community based primarily on Facebook, Profit Accumulator grew into it’s own website with training videos, lists of sign-up offers, reload offers and casino offers. With almost 20,000 members today, Profit Accumulator has received glowing reviews from many users who have made thousands using it’s guides, tools and lists of offers.

The pricing is slightly higher than their largest competitor OddsMonkey at £17.99 per month, but the yearly price is the same at £150. A free trial is included with training videos and guides on how to complete a couple of easy offers to start you off.

When you sign up to Profit Accumulator the following are divided up into easily navigable lists:

Tutorials and Training

Sam’s tutorials are second to none and he really does a great job of breaking the subject down into easily digestible parts which are quickly understood. He doesn’t just cover sign-up offers, but reload offers, money-back offers, acca offers, each-way offers and casino offers. I’d say Profit Accumulator is more in depth in

I’d say Profit Accumulator is more in depth in its explanation of casino offers than OddsMonkey, and Sam teaches methods that do involve some risks which are potentially very lucrative, and still statistically guarantee profit when an average is taken across several accounts and offers. This is optional, you can use the normal risk-free methods if you prefer.

Matched Betting Calculator

This is your standard standalone calculator for matched betting and includes all the necessary features for you to work out your qualifying bets, your stakes and your profit. Perhaps the calculator isn’t as fully featured as OddsMonkey’s, but it’s very intuitive and easy to use.


As mentioned in OddsMonkey’s review, they were the the original provider of odds matching software to companies like Profit Accumulator. After they formed their own separate service, Profit Accumulator had to engineer their own version and whilst it’s still improving all the time, it’s not quite there yet.

Whilst other reviews tend to knock points off Profit Accumulator’s odds matcher, there are some perks to the site over OddsMonkey, such as access to risk-free profit from financial spread betting accounts.

The odds matcher itself is practically identical to OddsMonkey and overall there is little tangible difference, for the the most part you’ll find identical matches as easily as possible on both sites.


Profit Accumulator’s forum is a bit of a big mash-up of thousands of users. There is great insight available amongst the threads but it has its downsides. There are many poor recommendations of bets and gloating about profit made, negative vibes and militant moderation in which discussion of other betting products is strictly prohibited. This is not the case on OddsMonkey.

Sam now sends out emails with ongoing offers so they’re segregated from the forum, but you can access the ongoing offers forum and see what members are doing for their reload bets. In our opinion, this method is considerably more messy than OddsMonkey’s daily calendar.

Match Catcher

To compete with OddsMonkey’s specific tools for certain types of offers, Profit Accumulator released their match catcher and acca catcher tools.

The match catcher scans odds for races in which offers are available, working through the card chronologically over the course of the day. You can set up alerts and quickly work out your bets using built-in tools, and can follow hyperlinks to the bookies and exchanges for rapid bet placing.

Acca Catcher

This is the same as OddsMonkey’s Acca Matcher, and sifts through acca odds for easily taking advantage of refund offers and other acca offers. These were always some of the hardest offers to complete manually, but tools offered by both Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey simplify the process down the finest degree possible.


The support is very good and supplies answers on technical issues as well as matched betting queries quickly and efficiently.

Differences between Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey

To me they’re broadly defined in that Profit Accumulator has better information and tools for dealing with casino offers, bingo offers, and financial offers whereas OddsMonkey is the best matched betting tool available. The daily calendar for OddsMonkey is superior to following the forums on Profit Accumulator but some may enjoy the more social aspect of hunting for offers with other members.

The slightly increased price will put off many and it’s fair enough – the dividing lines are thin between the two sites and the extra few quid does make a difference.

Profit Accumulator Review – Conclusion

Both services are solid as you like and worth the money, Profit Accumulator edges it in areas not relating to matched betting. Overall though, it must be said that OddsMonkey is the superior service and my personal recommendation would be to try that first. It stands to reason that they have the best tools for the matched betting game since they were at the core of the entire online matched betting industry before their competitors existed.

One day though, Profit Accumulator may well make some more gains on OddsMonkey and it’s not to say that some things about their site may suit some better than OddsMonkey. The forum is lively and may appeal to those who want to focus on other parts of matched betting and risk-free money making, for example.