Profit Accumulator Review 2018

If you’re thinking of joining Profit Accumulator we have put together a 100% honest Profit Accumulator review to help you make your decision.

If you’re thinking of starting matched betting, you’re probably going to want to use a matched betting service. They do all the legwork and make it as easy as possible. The best matched betting service that I have found so far is Profit Accumulator.

Profit Accumulator was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and matched betting veteran Sam Stoffel. It quickly rose to be the biggest and most used matched betting service in the UK. They claim to have had over 100,000+ [paying customers since they started, which proves how much they are trusted. In the past 18 months, there has been increased competition, but in my opinion, they are still the best matched betting site out there.

profit accumulator review

Thanks for reading this far into our Profit Accumulator review. HOLD TIGHT. THERE IS MORE TO COME. To help you make your decision, I will review the different areas of the service and explain why I think Profit Accumulator is the right one to choose.


Profit Accumulator prices are very competitive. The monthly price for their full service is £17.99, or £150 if you go for the yearly option. You can make the monthly cost back in literally one offer, so in terms of a return on investment it really is a no-brainer.

They used to be marginally more expensive than their main competitors Oddsmonkey, however, Oddsmonkey recently raised their prices to the same level as Profit Accumulator.

There are cheaper services out there, but not with the same level of tools and support. The cheaper services don’t have the software for example, and they certainly don’t have the same sized forum community.


Profit Accumulator holds what is widely considered the best and most complete software suite in the matched betting industry. There are tens of calculators for specific functions as well as their Oddsmatching calculator, Match Catcher, Acca Catcher, Dutching Calculator and Each Way Catcher – all designed to make your matched betting experience as easy as possible as well as maximising your profit.

They also have a Profit Tracker tool to track all of your profits along the way.

Their software is constantly being added to by full-time developers, ensuring they continue to lead the way in this respect.

One thing I have been impressed with recently as well is their willingness to release new features on their website. A good example of this is their recent launch of mobile notifications. This is a first for matched betting companies. You can now get a mobile notification when a new offer is posted, so you never miss out again.


Offers are the bread and butter of matched betting. Profit Accumulator has a full-time offers team consisting of three people to make sure they are always up to date with all that’s going on.

When it comes to reload offers, they are added to daily and a potential profit total is posted on their forum so that you are aware of what you can earn on that day as well as where the profit is coming from.

All of the signup offers have really easy to follow step-by-step video instructions, as do many of the reloads. This is a big bonus of Profit Accumulator; their video guides are second to none.

Customer Support

Profit Accumulators support team operate 7 days a week via phone, email, social media and forum. Responses are quick and detailed, so if you’re ever stuck, have made a mistake or need to ask a question, you can reach out and get an expert answer right away.

They are the only matched betting site that I know of who has phone support.


This is what really sets Profit Accumulator apart from their competitors. They have the world’s largest matched betting forum with a team of forum admin and moderators that are matched betting experts.

Offers are posted daily on here, along with complete walkthroughs and guides, questions and answers and many other things. It all adds up to make you feel part of something bigger than yourself, with a friendly atmosphere about the place it means that if you ever need some help you can reach out and get it right away.

Matched Betting Advice

The big dogs of the matched betting world are lurking around Profit Accumulator. Whether that be in their team itself or in their community. They have hundreds of walkthrough videos, tutorials, and guides meaning that if you’re looking to learn the ropes or go from novice to expert you can progress at any level.

How much can be made?

If you’re new to matched betting expect to make £800-£1500 with just the initial offers. After that, you can follow along with their “how to make £300 per month part-time” or “how to make £1000 per month” threads to hit each target respectively. Almost every month they smash the £1000 target, so if you’re putting the effort in expect to be massive profit.

Profit Accumulator Review – Conclusion

Profit Accumulator really is the place to be when it comes to matched betting and that’s why they are the service we recommend the most. Their prices are competitive and in terms of a complete package, they can’t be beaten.

Their main selling point over their competitors is that they have the biggest and most active forum. There is so much valuable information on the forum and more importantly, for newbies, the admins, mods, and other helpful members are always willing to answer any questions.

I would recommend Profit Accumulator to anyone looking to earn some extra money online with matched betting. Sign up for their free trial today and you can earn up to £45. Just follow the video instructions and you will earn money, it really is that easy.

profit accumulator review 2018

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