OddsMonkey Review

If you’re thinking of joining OddsMonkey we have put together a 100% honest OddsMonkey review to help you make your decision.

The rise of matched betting has accelerated in the last couple of years with the invention and refinement of software, calculators and odds matchers, offered initially by sites such as OddsTrawler and Oddsmatcher. These provided arbitrage and matched betting odds for risk-free betters.

The first online matched betting programs mostly focussed on trawling through odds for the best matches between back and lay bets, and with handy calculators built in, you could quickly work out your stakes and place your bets.

Today, we have far more advanced programs that cover all aspects of matched betting and arrange them in an easily understandable, chronological format, with great tutorials, forums, and all manner of extra info to make your matched betting journey run smooth and efficiently.

One of these such matched betting sites is OddsMonkey.

OddsMonkey initially sold their software to other matched betting sites before starting their own comprehensive service in 2016. Their aim was to add to their industry leading odds matching platform to provide a fully featured site for the best value possible.

They’d been developing their odds matching software for a long time prior to the site’s release, and it quickly became a key competitor in the industry and offered a tremendous array of tools and guides that can cater for the early beginnings of your matched betting career, right through to the more advanced stages.

The cost is £15 a month or £150 for a year, which is definitely some of the cheapest pricing in the industry for what is arguably the most comprehensive set of betting tools ever put together.

The site is divided into practical sections that are easily navigable.

OddsMonkey Tutorials

Upon sign up, OddsMonkey displays the tutorial section which includes many educational videos about all forms of matched betting, from the basic sign-up offers to the more advanced reload offers. If you sign up for a free trial, the introductory guides are included.

Odds Matcher

At the core of OddsMonkey is their legendary odds matching software which compares 90 bookmakers with 4 betting exchanges, providing a full list of matching back/lay odds for any sporting event. The interface works perfectly, and you can view handy stats and information such as how much there is available to lay in the exchange, the rating of how strong the match is, the time, and the corresponding bookies.

You will notice sometimes the % rating of the bets is displayed in red, this means the odds on the exchange to lay are actually less than the bookmaker, you can make profit from these without any offers at all! This is called arbitrage betting.

OddsMonkey Sign-Up Offers

The first main section that you’ll be using as someone who is new to matched betting is the list of sign-up offers. These are displayed chronologically and come with instructions tailored to each offer’s criteria. OddsMonkey displays the type of offer and any T&CS attached to it, which is extremely helpful as some bookies only allow bets with odds greater than a certain figure, e.g. 2.0. The profit you can expect to make from each one is displayed alongside, and you can tick off the offers as you work through.

On-Going and Daily Offers

After you’ve worked through these you could have £2,000+ profit already! But that’s where the next stage of your matched betting process begins, with reload offers and daily offers which you can keep harvesting for monthly profits.

On OddsMonkey this section is as comprehensive as it can be, with a daily calendar that displays all on-going offers with details and potential profits. This has to be one of OddsMonkey’s strongest offerings. You’ll see ongoing casino and bingo offers too, such as free-spins on casino games which can be utilised for more risk-free profit using methods explained on the site.

Racing Matcher

Horse racing is a big betting sport and has lively markets which make it good for matched betting. There are many bookie offers specifically for racing, such as free bets for winners over certain odds or refunds for fallers, etc.

You can work through a race-card systematically and use this tool to easily rack-up risk-free profit from a diverse pool of offers.

Each-way Matcher

This is a tool designed for more complex matched betting and focuses on extracting profit from horse races where extra places are offered, so a bookie pays out the top 4 places rather than 3, for example. These are great offers for profiting monthly from matched betting, and you can make great money if your horse lands in the extra place.

The matcher also allows you to cover the field, so every horse can land in the extra place, guaranteeing you profit every time, though this wouldn’t be recommended for newcomers, but rest assured, you can get there!

Acca Matcher

Accumulators on football often offer money back as a free-bet if one leg loses, or similar. Odds that are relevant to this are automatically compiled into OddsMonkey’s Acca Matcher which shows you how to lay each leg of an accumulator in order to lock-in profits. There are a fair few of these to do every day.

Dutching Calculator and Matcher

Dutching doesn’t compare odds between bookies and exchanges, but bookies and other bookies. This means you can save money on exchange commission, and allows you to find better value matches than you may find between bookie and exchange odds. It’s also useful for arbitrage betting.


Finally, there is a dedicated stand-alone calculator tool. It’s useful for experimenting and practising, and will show you how much to place and how much you’ll make from your bets.

OddsMonkey Community

There’s a built-in forum community with tips, extra guides, and articles, and all manner of other matched betting information.

OddsMonkey Conclusion

Overall, it’s easy to see why OddsMonkey is both revered by users and feared by bookmakers, as it really is a titanic tool for matched betting and many other forms of risk-free betting. It really is endless, and if used correctly, can provide really quite a good tax-free income for the fee of £15 or £150 a year.

There is no doubt about whether it’s worth the money, and for that price, you really may as well get involved rather than tackle matched betting alone as a newcomer. You can sign-off at any time if you ever feel totally versed in all the methods available, but OddsMonkey’s daily calendar provides probably the most useful tool for monthly matched betters and makes daily offers far easier to track and complete.

The people at OddsMonkey are great and have been involved in the industry for a long time, so it may come as no surprise that rounding off the site is great customer service that is on-hand to answer any queries quickly and efficiently.

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